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Philadelphia: College life in an urban mecca

This is an article on some of the things college students can to do in Philadelphia on their days off. Center city Philadelphia, being 30 minutes from campus, allows students to travel in and out and experience the culture of the city. This article describes many activities to take advantage of while living in the Philadelphia area.

College Athletes react to new NCAA rule change

This article is a reactionary piece from the student athletes at Cabrini University on the NCAA rule change to allow its athletes to receive compensation. This article breaks down the rules changes and the student athletes reactions to it.

Dr. Nielsen adds insight into the biology department

This article breaks down a profile piece on biology chairmen, Dr. Nielsen. This describes Dr. Nielsen’s background and goes into detail about her experience working in the field of biology.

5 things I wish I knew freshman year

This article breaks down some interesting things that people wish they knew when they were a freshmen. The article breaks down different ideas and experiences about college that is informational to incoming students.

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